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Alegro restaurant in Mykonos is one of the most popular coffee- restaurants in Mykonos for the past nine years. The friendly atmosphere, the delicious Mediterranean food and the excellent service are the key elements that established it as a must-visit place for both the residents and the visitors of the island.

In the morning hours Alegro restaurant is the ideal place for those who want to start their day with tasteful coffee and breakfast (Alegro restaurant boasts excellent coffee and offers a variety of breakfasts with fresh ingredients). Also, the restaurant has wireless internet which you can use it in order to share the experience of your vacation in Mykonos with your friends.

Alegro restaurant was made with care and decorated with artlessly materials, is a warm and comfortable environment for special moments of relaxation and luncheon pleasures! Offers a menu with great variety of Mediterranean flavors to choose from, such as shrimp with ouzo for starters and Strocciapreti, an Italian dish for main dinner, which you definitely must try!

In Alegro restaurant you can enjoy your coffee, your lunch (throughout the day), drinks and cocktails from 7:00 am till 3:00 the evening – Allegro remains open all winter season.